Vurdering af det europæiske kvotehandelssystem

Stephan Nickelsen, Villads Bak-Mikkelsen & Johan Weltzin Kristensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


Evaluation of the European Emission-Trading Scheme The purpose of the project is to examine why the European emission-trading scheme does not work as presumed. This evaluation is performed on the basis of the system’s overall goal, created from the Kyoto protocol’s commitments. The project contains an economical theoretical analysis of the emission-trading scheme’s design, and a politological theoretical analysis of the creation of the design. On the basis of data about the results of the scheme in the two first phases of the process, it is evaluated whether the system succeeds in meeting the commitments to the Kyoto protocol. Furthermore it is described, which mechanisms that are failing and influencing the design of the emission-trading scheme effect. Therefore it is evaluated which basis elements should be changed before the third phase of the scheme is introduced in 2013. In the project’s evaluation of the emission-trading scheme, it is concluded that it especially is the free allocation and the over-allocation of Carbon emission caps, that creates an inefficient marked for emission-trade.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date20 Jun 2012


  • EU ETS