Visoner i Sluseholmen - Om at styrke borgernes perspektiv

Josefine Sofia Svendsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study seeks to examine the interaction between different actors in the urban planning process of Sluseholmen at Copenhagen’s south harbour Sydhavn. Through scientific examination this thesis is looking to analyse what different interests these actors have regarding the development of Sluseholmen as a residential area and how these ideas work together. Furthermore, how much influence they get in the process, and why that is. I use qualitative interviews and theories of urban planning as my main resource to answer these questions. In the light of this studies conclusion; that the economic aspect has the upper hand in discussions regarding the planning of Sluseholmen, I find the solution that the social aspect, represented by a citizen representative, can achieve more power and influence, in the cooperation between actors in urban planning, by accepting and following the dominant discourse. In this case that is the matter of economic growth. Just as the municipality of Copenhagen and the State of Denmark representatives, who focus on the economic achievements, the citizen representative should be more concerned with achieving her goal using any possible way to get more influence and focus on the social aspect.

EducationsPlanning Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date27 May 2013
SupervisorsØystein Leonardsen


  • Planlægning, byplanlægning, urabnitet, socialt aspekt, borgere, bprgerperspektiv, Sæuseholmen, Sydhavn, byudvikling, Richard Florida, Mechiavelli, Kreative Klasse