Videnskabsjournalistik på nettet - journalistik mellem to stole?

Thomas Jørgen Seerup & Malene Breusch Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The approach of this master thesis is the assumption that science journalism does play an important role in the society as a link between science and society, as an educating and informative factor. The aim of this master thesis is to investigate what is happening when science meets with the online journalism: what characterizes the science journalism of the Danish online newspapers, how do the media themselves understand their online science journalism and how does this make them able to fulfill ideals for the science journalism’s role in society? On the basis of the two interpretations of “good” science journalism – the traditional (classic) journalistic position and the online journalistic position respectively – this thesis investigates the online science journalism of three Danish media:, and and addresses the question, what kind of ideals this online science journalism promotes. Based on the interpretation of both positions the result of the investigation shows that the science journalism of the online media fall - each in their own way - between these two positions, i.e. inbetween two stools, and can thus be considered something inbetween good and poor. The online science journalism can be characterized as being fascinating single one-source stories and a nice break for the reader, and therefor it becomes either insignificant, potentially misleading or will even disrupt the reader’s ability in participating in the public debate. The thesis argues for an incorporation of the ideals of the traditional journalistic positions into the virtues of the online journalistic positions in order to provoke the ideals for a role as an enlightening factor for society. Thus there is indeed a potential for science journalism online, though there are a number of challenges and barriers in the way the online journalism is handled.

EducationsJournalism, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date28 May 2013
SupervisorsHanne Jørndrup


  • Netjournalistik
  • Klassiske journalistiske dyder
  • Netjournalistiske dyder
  • Politiken
  • Videnskab
  • Berlingske
  • Jyllands-Posten
  • Videnskabsjournalistik
  • Journalistikkens rolle i samfundet