Knowledge sharing in open offices: A company analysis of the department Group IT of COWI

Louise Lund Christiansen, Natasha Holsøe Duncker & Mette Elna Ørskov

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This project deals with knowledge sharing in open offices. Its starting point is a case study in the department Group IT at COWI. We deal with which of the actions the man-agement does, that can help to promote or repress knowledge sharing, and how these are implemented. To answer our business analysis we used an observation study, a questionnaire, interviews and temperature measurements. Our theoretical basis, which includes three perspectives; the physical, the cultural and the power perspective sup-port the empirical surveys. This leads us to the conclusion, that the management has made a culture of knowledge sharing in Group IT and indoor climate, have a great im-portance to, making it a reality. The indoor climate is not a satisfaction to all the employ-ees. Which repress the knowledge sharing. The symbolic placement of management in the open office, can be both repressing and promoting to knowledge sharing. It is prob-lematic, that the management is ambiguous about which culture that is created, which appears though the hierarchical placement of the management in the department. In this project we conclude that, in spite of that the management creates a culture for knowledge sharing, through numerous actions, then this could be optimized through further actions.

Malte Selsing (Student number 52328) has been a group member until the 05.06.2016, why the parts of the projects which have been developed until this date belongs to us all.

EducationsBusiness Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date31 May 2016
Number of pages51
SupervisorsAnita Mac