Mette Lund, Rikke Søs Brøndt, Isabell Emilie Flagstad, Anne Kathrine Bjerregaard Kristoffersen & Mathias Rom Rasmussen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


Waiting time when traveling by public transportation is regarded as a waste of time in the public perception. This discourse leads to negative behavior when individuals are exposed to waiting time when traveling by the bus, metro or train. This paper starts on the notion that a communication campaign could change this discourse and possibly change the individual behavior. In this paper, we define 'waiting time' as the contrast of the time-flow of the modern world. We have created a communication campaign consisting of a poster on the notion that the use of humor and self-awareness would have the most impact on the recipients. Through qualitative methods and theories placed around the sense-making approach, we tested our product and the general perception on waiting time. This paper concludes that the problem regarding negative behavior during waiting time do exist. Our findings point out that a communication campaign will not solve the problem by itself. We suggest that a campaign needs to have a broader horizon of measures to have the required effect – communication alone can't have the required effect.

EducationsCommunication Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date29 May 2017
Number of pages38
SupervisorsKim Sandholdt