Vælgerforening for Nordslesvig 1888-1920

Søren Hincke Friis, Mikkel Steen Pedersen, Nynne Jessen & Nynne Stadelund Stadelund

Student thesis: Termpaper


Abstract The study has its point of departure in a hypothesis that the political party Vælgerforening for Nordslesvig, is formed as a result of the german political assimilation in Northern Schleswig in the 1800s. The study seeks to investigate the role of this party in regards to the election in 1920 which determined the future border between Denmark and Germany. As the election resulted in a reunation of Northern Schleswig and Denmark, the study seeks to uncover whether the party had any part of this through their political, legal and educational work, and if that is the case, why this has not been recognized in the national danish history. To investigate this, the study examines the available source material, from the party’s archive as the primary literary material. Furthermore the methods includes history books of the national danish history and the regional history in Northern Schleswig, in order to create the necessary historical foundation, for investigating the actual role of the party. As a result of this investigation, the study concludes that the party has a central role when it comes to suggesting laws to ease the transition from german to danish legislation. Furthermore the study concludes, that the party interferes with the decisions regarding the election, which ultimately results in a reuniting of Northern Schleswig and Denmark in 1920.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date22 Dec 2014
SupervisorsHenrik Jensen


  • Nationalidentitet
  • Sønderjylland
  • Nordslesvig
  • !864,1920