(In)Security in Folehaven

Heidi Eriksen, Caroline Thybo Nørager, Josefine Yoon Persson, Anette Vængesgaard Larsen & Julie Beckett Lindeblad

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


In this project we have worked with the following thesis statement:

How does ethnic Danish women between the ages of 60 and 85 living in Folehaven experience the feeling of security and insecurity in their local area, and how can we strengthen their sense of security in Folehaven?
Through qualitative interviews with three women living in Folehaven, Valby, we have investigated how they perceive and make sense of their lives there. In this investigation our main focus has been the feeling of security and insecurity in this area. As our project emerges from a phenomenological and hermeneutic perspective, our interest is to listen to, understand, describe and interpret the three women’s own interpretation of their lives in Folehaven. In this project we have been inspired by Michael Larkin et al.s hermeneutical approach to IPA, the analytical guidelines from Igor Pietkiewicz and Jonathan A. Smith’s IPA while Brenda Dervin’s metaphors gap, bridge and outcome have been useful in the interpretation of the themes found. Based on our analyses we have found that our informants have similarities, such as insecurity being based on crimes. But, they also have differences in understandings, experiences and attitudes towards insecurity and security. We found that the negative narrative about Folehaven has had a significant influence on the informants experiences with insecurity. Therefore we believe, that through dialogue communication a positive change in the narrative can happen, which may increase the sense of security. As our project is supposed to be the preliminary work for this dialogic process, we believe that the natural next step is to try the dialogue in reality.

EducationsCommunication Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Basic
Publication date26 May 2019
Number of pages43
SupervisorsClaus Munch