Evaluating Usability of RUC's Website

Martin Smed Christensen, Juliane Engelbrecht Jensen, Kirstine Jaengsawang Hansen, Peter Laurs Jeberg & Tjalfe Arcturus Trym Svendsen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This project uses usability evaluation methods to examine and measure usability on RUC’s website, with a focus on gathering information on educations. We base our theoretical understanding of usability on the works of Jakob Nielsen and the ISO Standard for usability, and define several components, that we use to measure usability with. We utilize competitive testing to compare RUC and SDU’s website, using both qualitative and quantitative methods in the form of Think-aloud and Click-test. We did an observational experiment, where we had high school students find information about an education on both RUC and SDU’s website. Based on the results of both our test methods, do we define three problem definitions. These problem definitions are made up of every encountered problem that help describe these problem definitions. We chose to work on the problem definition that describe the educational structure at Roskilde University, due to its high occurrence and impact. We go on to discuss several problems with our theoretical understanding and methodology, that affect our results in various ways. Because of these issues, can we not conclude on the severity of the problems we have encountered, but conclude that these problems do exist for our users, in our context.

EducationsInformatic, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date19 Dec 2017
Number of pages37
SupervisorsBenedicte Fleron