Upgrading in Vietnams textile and garment industry

David Mathias Suadicani, Rikke Lindahl Olsen & Nana Gade Christensen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This project examines what promotes and restricts the industrial upgrading of Vietnam's textile and garment industry, and what the development means for working conditions and the geographical distribution of wealth in the country. The project will, based on global value chains, explore how Vietnam's economic development has been affected by global neoliberal institutions and the national strategy for upgrading the industry.
The project concluded that the industrial upgrading was primarily done through state-controlled companies such as Vinatex, and only to a lesser extent through private companies. Which is contrary to the policy proposed by the global neoliberal institutions; privatization and market deregulation. The project illustrates that these institutions' development requirements counteract social upgrading in Vietnam. In contrast, state-run companies contribute to the social upgrading by creating better jobs and greater value for the population living near the industry.

EducationsGeography, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date6 Jan 2020
Number of pages68
SupervisorsKristine Juul