Unge, privatliv og offentlighed på Facebook

Helle Fischer Stamm & Amanda Krogh Nielsen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project is a study of how young people, who have grown up with social media as an integrated part of their everyday lives, experience privacy and publicness when sharing content on the social media Facebook. This was investigated by highlighting the considerations, boundaries and purposes the young adults had when sharing on Facebook. With a phenomenological point of view, three semi-structured chat interviews were conducted over Facebook's chat feature Messenger with three young women within the 18-23 age group. The analysis found that the sense of privacy associated with sharing, among other things, was linked to ensuring control over the social context, while other social media, such as Snapchat and Instagram was used to create more defined social contexts. The public was part of their considerations when sharing, as the informants adjusted their posts to the mixed audience of friends, colleagues and family. In addition, the publicness of Facebook gave the informants the opportunity to inform others on subjects they found relevant, to feel heard and to promote oneself. The informants' had different experiences of privacy and publicness and always included these in their considerations when sharing posts on Facebook or other social media. The informants’ statements were unfolded and refined by theory of youth researcher Danah Boyd, sociologist Erving Goffman and media researcher Lisbeth Klastrup.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2017
Number of pages50
SupervisorsSøs Anne-Lise Bayer