Udviklingsbistand på Twitter

Martijn Johansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master’s thesis contains an exploration of the use, of the Twitter hashtag #dkaid. The hashtag is used for categorizing conversations relating to Danish development and aid work. It was introduced in May 2013, and since then the use of the hashtag has seen a major rise. The thesis will attempt to answer a number of questions regarding Twitter as a communication platform, the use of #dkaid, the users of #dkaid and the relations between these users. Theory about Twitter and about the network society will introduce a number of concepts that will be discussed in relation to empirical findings. Among these concepts the thesis will introduce, the public sphere, Twitter as an echo chamber, relations between journalists, politicians and twitter and the shift from the information society to the network society, as proposed by Manuel Castells. Methodically the thesis consist of a quantitative content analysis of all original tweets containing #dkaid from 20th of October 2014 until 16th of November 2014. All tweets are divided into themes, categorical types and senders. It shows that #dkaid is being used actively by a quite homogeneous group, which mainly consist of people with direct relations to Danish development organisations. It also shows that the themes being on the agenda in #dkaid, is quite similar to the agenda in the mainstream media. During the period of analysis the government suggested a cut in the Danish development aid, which was the main-topic in the period of analysis. Besides the content analysis the thesis methodically also consists of six interviews with 6 active users of #dkaid. The interviews give perspectives about the reasons and strategies behind the use of Twitter in the Danish development and aid community.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date28 Apr 2015
SupervisorsLisbeth Frølunde


  • lobbyisme
  • netværk
  • NGO
  • Twitter
  • Digitale medier
  • Udviklingsbistand