Tvang eller tilbud - I behandlingen af pædofile

Isabella Dewulff, Nicolaj Bjerg Nielsen, Laura Enné Bæk, Jeppe Stender Hornstrup & Louise Bøttcher Holgersen

Student thesis: Basic Project


The aim of this project is to examine how to avoid convicted pedophiles to commit new assaults. The project includes a psychological aspect and an ethical aspect. The psychological aspect focuses on how pedophilia is a mental illness an further an ethical aspect on how we should treat convicted pedophiles.
To approach the topic, we will explain how pedophiles today are treated in the Danish legal system as well as and how other criminals with different mental illnesses are treated. This project’s focus is on chemical castration as a treatment for pedophiles and throughout the project we discuss the importance of consent. Furthermore, an important part of our project will focus on how to deal with the autonomy of pedophiles, if pedophiles are mentally ill. We will discuss if compulsory treatment can be justified for convicted pedophiles and therefore we make use of criminal justice ethics to understand how we can justify a punishment.
The analysis will be constructed with a argument analysis of the two researchers Thomas Douglas et al. and Lene Bomann-Larsen. The analysis purpose is to determine the pros and cons against arguments concerning treatment of convicted criminals without a valid consent. We use the following arguments in our own discussion of how we shall treat convicted pedophiles.
Based on the analysis and discussion we conclude that it is justified to force a convicted pedophile into chemical castration. We believe it is justified as the pedophile is mentally ill and therefore not competent to make autonomous decisions. Another reason for forcing a pedophile into chemical castration is to protect children, who otherwise would be at risk of a sexual assault. Throughout the chemical castration pedophile in treatment increases his autonomy, because he no longer is controlled by his sickness and has the opportunity to live a better life.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date2018
SupervisorsThomas Søbirk Petersen