Tv-overvågning i udsatte boligområder

Dalia Bramming, Maria Grønnegaard Jensen, Emma Kleist Christensen, Simon Verner Oxbøll & Lauge Stener Lindqvist

Student thesis: Termpaper


Nøjsomhed is a residential area situated in Helsingør Syd. The housing association has installed television surveillance, which is used to prevent and solve crime. It is only the police who have access to the film from the surveillance cameras. One of the main reasons for installing television surveillance is to enhance the sense of security among the residents in the area. This paper will therefore examine the motivations behind the decision-making of implementing television-surveillance, and look at the impacts it has had in Nøjsomhed. To be able to examine this, we have gathered empirical data about Nøjsomhed. We used Benjamin S. Bloom’s taxonomy-model, to gain a rising level of realisation. We have used empirical data from the web and read several books about the Danish law containing the paragraphs about television-surveillance. We have used this to understand the motivations behind the installation of television-surveillance in the area. To gain more insight in the problems with vandalism and other criminal activities that affects the area, we used qualitative empirical data, such as articles from newspapers and an interview with the project manager for Nøjsomhed. Nøjsomhed is a residential area that is located at the lower end of the price range for homes. Which gives a majority of residents, who has a low income and are socially marginalised. This has created a form of parallel society, and an inner power struggle about social control that has resulted in extensive vandalism. We have accounted for different sociology theories, and then applied them into perspective to the situation in Nøjsomhed. After the installation of television-surveillance, the amount of vandalism in the area has dropped. The residents have changed their behaviour. The area still has some issues with disturbances.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 Dec 2013
SupervisorsEsben Holm Nielsen


  • tv-overvågning
  • udsatte boligområder