Tv-overvågning i det offentlige rum: CCTV in the public sphere

Anna-Kathrine Gottschalk-Hansen, August Emil Gade, Toke Spang Klingberg-Nielsen & Christine Estrup

Student thesis: Termpaper


CCTV in the public sphere The motivation for following assignment is to examine the impact of CCTV in the public sphere based on Danish studies. The changes in the discourse on CCTV are an incentive for writing this project. The discourse has changed throughout the last decades from being predominantly negative to predominantly positive, which is shown by polls and regulation of the law about CCTV. In the recent years video surveillance has been widely discussed, mainly among politicians and experts. A regular change of attitude has occurred in Denmark, since 1982 when Lov om forbud mod tv-overvågning was agreed upon. Since the legislative changes in 1982 have it been made possible to set up cameras in a wider array of places to prevent crime and provide safety to the public. There is an increase in the numbers of cameras applied every year both in public and private domains because of this. This assignment will analyse why the need for CCTV occurs in society in order to achieve a better comprehension of the development of CCTV. This assignment also seeks to examine the preventive effect of CCTV and the consequences that rise in the wake of video surveillance by analysing the results in related studies. There has been conducted a number of foreign studies, which the Danish Ministry of Justice uses as documentation. The studies, however, varies in results, age and countries of collected data, and is therefore not comparable to present Denmark. Most available data is based on experiences and assumptions, which is not a solid foundation to base scientific conclusions. It is concluded on the basis of the analysis, that there is no available documentation about the effect of video surveillance in the public sphere in Denmark.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2014
SupervisorsJesper Visti Hansen


  • Høilund
  • Offentlige rum
  • Frygt
  • Foucault
  • Tv-overvågning
  • Overvågning