Transpersoners møde med den danske lovgivning

Stine Thilde Elrond, Sarah Krogh Rasmussen, Keinicke Hansen, Mette Clemen, Hildur Jonsdottir & Helle Nørgaard Lykkebo

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project is about how transgendered people perceive their encounter with the law and system in Denmark. In the first part of the project various dilemmas, concepts and terms regarding transgender will be introduced. Followed by philosopher Hilde Lindemann Nelson’s theory about damaged identities and narrative repair. Nelson’s theory will be used, on one hand to make a master story about transgendered people, and on the other hand a story expressed by transgender people against the narratives written about them. Philosopher Judith Butler’s concepts the heterosexual matrix and performativity will be introduced followed by a short explanation of the post-modern society in Denmark. The following part of the project introduces an analysis based on five interviews with transgender people. There will be analyzed, how transgendered people experience their meetings with the law and the system which operates in accordance with the law. Furthermore there will analyzed how the laws assist to reproduce the two existing gender categories in the Danish society. Regarding the Danish law transgendered people are still diagnosed as being mentally ill, this dilemma will be considered and looked into. The analysis leads to a discussion where there will be argued the affection of the dominant gender categories in Denmark. Another aspect that will be argued is the law regarding transgendered people and how this affects them. Furthermore there will be presented some alternatives on the transition process, based on the empirical data. There will also be suggested how the Danish law regarding transgendered people can change for the better. Finally the conclusion states that various laws and norms support the gender categories dominating the Danish society. The law regarding transition demands the individual to be diagnosed as mentally ill, which is ethically and morally wrong. As the Danish law about transgendered people affects them a lot we can conclude that the law should be changed.

EducationsCultural Encounter, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date23 May 2013
SupervisorsTobias Raun


  • Transpersoner, queer, Butler, Nelson
  • den danske lovgivning vedrørende transpersoner