Tjenestemandsdomstolen - Et indblik i retsopgøret efter besættelsen

Johan Filrup, Mads Gyldmark, Lise Andersen & Frederik Werlauff

Student thesis: Termpaper


Abstract This project examines the extraordinaire court system created in Denmark after World War II. The project specifically focuses on the court system created during the Danish judicial purge that was established to sentence the public servants of Denmark. The project seeks to answer what motives were behind the judicial purge in Denmark specifically focusing on as to whether or not the judicial purge was driven by political revenge or driven by democratic justice. Most of the empiric data applied was collected at the Danish National Archives. The data collected will be analysed while focusing on if there were any tendencies or development throughout the years of sentencing the public servants during the judicial purge. Secondly the project contains an analysis of the Danish Finance Minister H. C. Hansen’s comments around World War II concerning the extraordinaire court system and as to whether or not those comment were accounted for during the sentencing of the public servants. Furthermore the project will answer if the extraordinaire court system indeed was justifiable by analysing Hal Koch’s views on the judicial purge.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date14 Jan 2016
SupervisorsHannibal Munk


  • Retsopgør
  • Tjenestemandsdomstol