Tillidsbaseret Lean - Et casestudie i en implementeringsproces

Kristine Kirkegaard Thomsen & Jim Jepsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


The concept Trust Based Lean is developed by LivingLean. In cooperation with this consultancy, this project investigates the implementation of the concept in a case of a building project conducted by NCC. The investigation is based on different interviews with the involved, which included the consultant, leaders on different level of the organisation and people from the work gang. The theoretical foundation has been derived from Karl E. Weick’s (1995) theory of sensemaking and Kjell Arne Røviks (2007) theory of translations processes of ideas in organisations. With this theoretical frame in mind, we analysed how the involved made sense of the concept and the process of the implementation, and how the concept in that case got contextualised: The contextualization of the concept was influenced by different processes of sensemaking, including aspects such as identity, sociality, experience and beliefs. Further implications for the contextualisation were discussed.

EducationsBusiness Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date20 Jan 2016
SupervisorsMargit Neisig


  • Røvik
  • oversættelse
  • translation
  • Weick
  • meningsskabelse
  • implementering