There Is Light in the Night. Print Media as a Tool of Facilitating a Dialogue between Volunteers at the Night Light Café and Nigerian Women in Prostitution

Amalie Cecilia Romme, Helena Fridjónsdóttir, Stefania Lilja Arnardottir, Natalia If Jensen Casco, Dario Napoli & Tanya Marie Spencer

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This project investigates how a print media product can facilitate a dialogue in an intercultural environment. In order to do so, the project has engaged in a collaboration with the Night Light Café on Vesterbro, Copenhagen. By designing a print media product that suits the needs for the volunteers, the initiator and the prostitutes at the Night Light Café, the product was tested in order to make sure everyone represented had a say. The feedback was gathered through various methodological and theoretical efforts focused on a user oriented approach. An analysis based on the empirical data clarified how the product was received and how a revision of the visual means of effect could be modified. This report concludes that an awareness of cultural perspectives should not be overlooked when designing a print media product. Furthermore, that initiatives dealing with sensitive and global issues that cannot be tackled solely by communication efforts.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date28 May 2018
Number of pages332
SupervisorsIda Klitgård


  • communication
  • Night Light Cafe
  • prostitution
  • print media
  • culture
  • third space
  • human trafficking