The Spontaneous Rhythms of the City

Simona Sirvinskaite, Jose Bayona, Oscar Olsen, Elisa Strano, Sif Brunemark, Jokūbas Ragauskas & Peter Sørensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This investigation seeks to investigate the phenomena of re-appropriation of indeterminate space, through qualitative research of a specific case in Copenhagen, the case of Bolsjefabrikken. Through adopting a holistic approach to production of space the research aim at exploring the motion that creates the specific space, in this case Bolsjefabrikken. Through interviews the researchers has explored how the actors in Bolsjefabrikken carries out a social practice of cooperation. These interviews have further enabled an analysis of the values and meanings that actors give to their action and the place in relation to a historical frame of the ‘Squatter movement’. Futher on, a research of the Urban Planning of Copenhagen has contributed to the understanding of the production of space, by introducing the concept of ‘closed systems’ as over determinated systems. We find that Bolsjefabrikken is produced from these three factors; Overdeterminate, cooperation and meanings of anonymity stemming from the history of ‘Squatting movement’.

EducationsBasic - International Bachelor Study Program in Social Sciences, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date30 May 2013
SupervisorsAnni Greve


  • urban
  • city
  • bolsjefabrikken