The Role of the Private Sector in Climate Action

Simona Sirvinskaite

Student thesis: Master programme paper


This paper analyzes the ways in which public and private sectors interact under the pressure to reach the 2 degree Celsius goal proposed in the Paris Agreement. Using theoretical frameworks of CHOICE OF POLICY INSTRUMENT and ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE, the paper: (1) assesses different policy instruments in the context of environmental regulations; (2) uses empirical cases from projects presented at COP22 to analyze the private side’s motivations for environmental PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS. The paper determines that, because of the sheer breadth of environmental initiatives, instruments cannot be universal and even applied specifically – they have to be flexible in order to function optimally. The work also concludes that the motivation for joining PPPs depends on the goal of the particular PPP and the daily work of the private company.

EducationsInternational Public Administration and Politics, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date1 Feb 2017
Number of pages27
SupervisorsHelene Dyrhauge


  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Instruments of Choice