The Rise of Far-Right Populism in Greece: The Golden Dawn

Frederik Hagen Rauberg, Elena Møller Rigas & Alan Saber Esmail

Student thesis: Basic Project


Populist Right-Wing parties have gradually been infiltrating the modern political scene, and is causing cracks to form within the ties that hold the current political stage together in the western world. This is mainly in response to the harsh economic policies, combined with an increase in immigration and an ever increasing anti-establishment sentiment among people. This project is a look at the Golden Dawn’s use of rhetoric concerning the austerity measures, in order to get them popular support. This paper is critical from a democracy in crisis perspective when investigating the rise of this Nationalist, populist party. By using discourse analysis, on speeches, and interviews, we show how the effects of the austerity measures are used by the Golden Dawn in their discourse to run an agenda of antagonism.

EducationsBasic - International Bachelor Study Program in Social Sciences, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date20 Dec 2016
Number of pages30
SupervisorsEmil Pull