The Mariam Mosque: A Space to Conceptualize Religious Agency and Islamic Feminism in Denmark

Teresa Imaya Bengtsson, Helene Kingo Christensen, Sarah Timm Senniksen, Kamma Winther Kestner & Amalie Kræmer

Student thesis: Bachelor project


When the female-led Mariam Mosque opened in Copenhagen on the 26th of August 2016, it was met with controversy from different cultural domains due to its progressive stance and practices as Islamic feminists. Taking point of departure in Teun A. van Dijk’s Critical Dis-course Analysis, we investigate some of the dominant discourses surrounding the practices of Islam and Muslim women. We utilize theories consisting of Edward Said, Chandra T. Mo-hanty, Sirma Bilge and Margot Badran in order to detect certain discourses. These insights, lead us to examine how these discourses are a part in shaping the Mariam Mosque, but more importantly how the Mosque contributes to a re-conceptualization of feminism and agency for Muslim women. We rely on Bilge and Badran to begin to conceptualize how Islamic fem-inism can challenge notions of Muslim women’s agency, and go beyond the dichotomy of resistance/subordination by focusing on religion within the method of intersectionality.

EducationsCultural encounter studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date28 May 2017
Number of pages53
SupervisorsPrem Poddar