The Green Label

Louise Løvendahl, Sussi Askler, Snorre Kjeldsen, Sofie L. Hansen & Casper Morilla

Student thesis: Termpaper


This communication project has investigated how it would be possible for the sender - Dansk Vegetar Forening, to influence restaurants in Denmark to implement vegetarian dishes on their menus. Furthermore we have examined how it could be optimally achieved communicatively. Thus, we have conducted four interviews through the communication process, which has been analysed throughout the report. This issue we have worked with has been a real-life problem and we have therefore worked closely together with the sender during the project process, in order to find the best solution possible. During the process, we have utilised network theory inspired by the two-step flow model; Steinar Kvale’s theories in connection with qualitative interview design; Brenda Dervin’s theories in relation to sense-making as a tool to create a dialogue between sender and target group; Preben Sepstrup’s perspective on relevance and the process of attention development and Kim Schrøder’s reception analysis model. The application of these theories has resulted in a communication product, which is the primary communicative focus in this strategic communication plan. The reception shows that the product has been received positively, but summing up; we conclude that due to a time of climate debate, unknown influences within the lifeworld of the interviewees alongside other external factors, there are still a few hindrances in communicating with the restaurants interviewed.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date17 Dec 2009


  • Product
  • Reception analysis