The European Union – A Changing Global Role?

Mads Blankenburg & Patrick Schack

Student thesis: Termpaper


The objective of this project is to attempt to decide, if the development on the foreign affairs and security within the European Union, has changed its global role. This has been done deductively and with the use of hypothesis, and with the help of Buzan’s English School approach as well as Barnett, Duvall and Baldwin’s views on Power theory. Through analysis, the structural development of the external security and defence of the European Union is argued to be Solidaristic in nature, with a strong emphasis on Convergence within its security and defence framework. Through a second analysis, the power capabilities have also been ascertained. An interpretation of the English School analysis as well as the Power analysis, led to doubts on the actual capabilities of the European Union external security and defence sphere. The project argues that the structure, while having undergone significant development, still faces problems in seriously extending the European Union’s reach into global security. From the Power perspective it, it is indicated that while the European Union has a strong foundation in its Member States, its actual capacity for autonomous action is still too weak to truly change the global role of the European Union.

EducationsEU-studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Basic
Publication date27 May 2013
SupervisorsAngela Bourne


  • European union
  • power
  • Security
  • English school