Yunus Emre Ercan, Caroline-Jasmina Raphaella Gullev, Erandy Martinez Garcia & Christina Brems√łe Bolding

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper outlines the causes that have been leading the EU to externalize deals with Turkey, and African countries in order to bring solutions after the refugee-crisis in 2015, which has been under discussion among member states, due to the consequences that this phenomenon represents for the Union. To carry out the analysis we have hypothezised on the following factors; 1) Public opinion and developments in in Europe 2014-2017, 2) The rise of radical Right wing parties and social movements in Europe 3) Brexit and social disruption in Europe 4) Terrorism-migration nexus as a factor of risk for Europe. We will asses these factors by highlighting the most recent and thorough research within the field, We will look into the framework of the official agreements and apply that as a basis for an analysis on the theory of externalization of governance as well as the current debate on democratic deficit and decline in legitimacy of the European Union. The study is relevant because it provides a descriptive and theoretical framework on the possible conditions that have given scope to validate these deals, which main concern has been to solve the refugee-crisis that has shocked the EU in its recent history. This analysis found evidence to identify the rise of Radical Right in Europe since the refugee crisis of 2015, which has influenced the establishment of deals between the EU and other countries. In a narrow sense, externalization of governance by the EU has been a strategy for responding to the refugee crisis. Furthermore, Brexit displays that disagreements among member states to manage internal issues might ends up in a more united or divided Europe. Last but not least, nexus migration-terrorism must be dissociated in terms of securitization of borders, since the risk to security lies with internal imbalances of social groups across the Union. Overall, this study provides space for further investigation and discussion for the future path of the EU.

EducationsInternational Public Administration and Politics, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date27 May 2019
Number of pages71
SupervisorsGorm Rye Olsen