Terrorisme på Twitter – specialeafhandling om aktørtypers brug af hashtagget #cphshooting

Mikkel Vang Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


More and more of our human activity is being carried out in online environments these years. As a consequence, social media sites experience an increased influence on how we conduct our lives through digital communication in an update culture. A testimate to this was seen on the 14th of Februar 2015 when a terrorist attack hit Copenhagen. People used social media sites, in particular the microblogging site Twitter due to it’s qualities as an event-driven society, to follow the event and so the hashtag #cphshooting emerged as a means of doing so. The hashtag #cphshooting was used approximately 25,000 times in the span of three days and connected users from all around the world in one huge network where participation is essential. This master’s thesis examine how this network is established through tweets sent by three different types of users: ranging from the amateur to the professional. In order to do so, theory about Twitter as a social system proposed by Dhiraj Murthy contributes to an understanding of Twitter as a digital setting for (breaking) news where interaction is neccesary. This setting is based on participation and networking which is why theories about the participatory culture and the network society as put forward by Henry Jenkins and Manuel Castells respectively. Said understand of Twitter is being conducted through a qualitative content analysis as presented by Ellen Hijmans. The analytical part of this thesis thereby consists of an interpretive analysis of 15 tweets containing the hastag #cphshooting sent in the span from the 14th of February to the 16th of February. In this matter, the tweets are used to map how network was created through participation with the context being the terrorist attack in Copenhagen. The exact content of the tweet is being taken into consideration in order to explore how the concept of interactive multicasting works on Twitter.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date4 Jan 2016
SupervisorsLisbeth Frølunde


  • twitter
  • sociale medier
  • network society
  • interactive multicasting
  • terrorism
  • participatory culture
  • #cphshooting
  • hashtag