TEQ's - Eller Kaos?

Jakob N√łrgaard Hansen, David Sousa, Peter Bruun Toldam, Daniel Lynge Hansen, Hawjeen Ali & Musa Jama

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project examines the ability of the english energycrisis management tool, TEQ's (Tradeable Energy Qoutas)with regards to it's ability to help keeping the economy functioning during an energy crisis. This analysis rests on the pillars. The first is an analysis of what happened to the US economy - a capitalist, industrialised economy, during the depression. This analysis is performed using a Keynesian economic understanding. The second pillar examines the effect of the oil crisis of 1973 on the danish economy, and supply the project with an understanding of how tightening oil supplies affect an industrialized, modern economy. The third pillar consists of a meta analysis of the TEQ's program in the light of the two previous pillars. This provides us with the information needed to establish some criteria that TEQ's must be able to fulfill, if it is to be a viable tool for crisismanagement. In the end, the project concludes, that TEQ's seem to be a system with many benefits were it to be implemented, but also a system that will have a hard time getting implemented in the current political climate.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date13 Jun 2011
SupervisorsPeter Hegelund Skriver


  • Regulering
  • Krise
  • Oliekrise
  • Depression
  • Peak Oil
  • TEQ's
  • Kriseh√•ndtering
  • Keynes