Teknologien og det moderne menneske

Simone Gregersen, Daniel Thiesen, Sigrid Pepke, Gine Buch, Jonas Plass, Christoffer Stassen, Nicoline Zabel & Katinka Alleslev

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper, anchored in the dimension courses Subjectivity & Learning and Text & Sign, examines the construction of our self in the postmodern society, explored through the creation of an ideal self on Facebook. The study begins with an explanation of David Reisman’s different social characters through time, Kenneth J. Gergen’s theory concerning The saturated Self, as well as Thomas Ziehe and Lars Lundmann’s theories about the concept of narcissism. Thereafter the eight individual Facebook profiles of the group members are analyzed in order to detect how we appear through this. The analyses are compared to a hypothesis that each member has written about how they wish to appear on Facebook and how they’re actively trying to do so. This is done to assess how well we succeed in creating the personality we want. These analyses and hypotheses will serve an empirical task. The paper will then move to a discussion of the empirical data in relation to Gergen’s aforementioned theory, with Ziehe and Lundmann’s concepts of narcissism as a supplement. Finally, it will be discussed to which extend we have been able to analyze the Facebook profiles objectively and how our own perceptions of identity and self are shown through the analyses.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date14 Dec 2012
SupervisorsHenrik Jensen


  • teknologi
  • moderne menneske