Take The Bicycle - a project concerning the potentials and challenges in the implementation of a new Bicycle Sharing System in Copenhagen

Dan Schou, Dorte Bech, Luiza Brandao Rabelo & Pedram Yosefipor

Student thesis: Master thesis


The scope of this project is to analyze and highlight potentials and challenges regarding the integration of a new Copenhagen bicycle sharing system with the public transportation, using the Copenhagen Climate Plan as our point of reference. Via a Critical Realist approach, we looked both at the physical and commuter aspects of the implementation, followed by a calculation on its expected usage and CO2 reductions. We conclude that there exist potentials in the physical implementation of the new bicycle sharing system in Copenhagen, especially in areas where there appears to be gaps in the coverage of the public transportation. However, we see a small tendency where some stations do not necessarily have the required space above surface for bicycle sharing docking stations, thereby requiring other, possibly more expensive, approaches. When it comes to meeting the requirements of the commuters, we find that there exist challenges which can seemingly only be met by high standards in the whole system. If these challenges can be met, we assess an optimal commuter usage and CO2 reduction of respectively 11,801 users and 6,099 t/year. Potentially we see that a new bicycle sharing system in Copenhagen can contribute to the achievement of visions for the transport sector set forth in the Climate Plan, but only if the observed challenges are taken into consideration, as a half-hearted approach does not seem to be gainful for the bicycle sharing system.

EducationsTekSam - Technological and Socio-Economic Planning, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date25 Jan 2011
SupervisorsØystein Leonardsen & Per Homann Jespersen


  • Commuter
  • Climate Plan
  • Bicycle sharing system
  • public transportation