Tæt på borgeren - en analyse af muligheder og begrænsninger ved borgerinddragende journalistik

Pia Glud Munksgaard & Mikkel Sander Rydzy

Student thesis: Termpaper


This thesis consists of a series of articles concerning the municipal effort to help disabled children and their families and a study of the working process during the writing of these articles. Inspired by journalistic projects such as Berlingske Tidendes ’Forbrydelsen’ and ’I Lægens Hænder’, we aimed to make a journalistic product based on input from citizens. The process, to a great extent, was supposed to be directed by reactions from readers. However, during the research period, we published a survey, which was answered by a large group of people, whereby, the articles were no longer contingent upon input from readers. Instead the journalistic product ended up focusing on the input from the survey and our methodical approach during the writing of theses articles will form the empirical part of the study. We will relate the empirical data – that describes a specific journalistic method – to the journalistic approach Public Journalism that aims to let the public play a role in journalism through certain dogmas. Inspired by sociologist Max Weber’s term, ideal type, we will do a comparative analysis that will study our method on the basis of an ideal-typical Public Journalism-approach. From this analysis, we will find possibilities and limitations of the two approaches. The analysis will address subjects such as the use of sources, the role of the journalist, and the possibilities of letting a journalistic product start a debate. Finally, we will discuss how journalists can be inspired by methodical instruments used by scientists to let citizens play a central part of the journalistic product without losing credibility.

EducationsJournalism, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date31 Aug 2010
SupervisorsKatrine Birkedal Christensen


  • Public Journalism
  • Borgerinddragende journalistik
  • Researchtungt