Taastrupgaard: An area under development

Anders Steensborg, Raja Hamza Ali, Therese Maria Schantz & Anna Hildorf

Student thesis: Basic Project


Our project this semester has focused on the socially marginalized area, Tåstrupgård. We picked a number of theorists, whom we thought could assist us in highlighting our hypothesizes revolving around the social difficulties in the area. We chose Jan Gehl because of his architectural theories, Zygmunt Bauman for his theories about liquid modernity and Patsy Healey for her theories about communicative planning. Those three perspectives provided us with the tools to analyze Tåstrupgård, what has been done to aid the problems in the area in the past, present and what has been planned for the future. To support this we performed two expert interviews, one with Rune Bæklund from the municipality of Høje Taastrup, and Gert Korvig, from the social house team in Tåstrupgård. Our analysis directed us to our discussion, where we looked at whether or not Tåstrupgård was a transitional area, and furthermore whether or not an area can become “too attractive”, if too large a number of functions normally allocated to the city is incorporated in the area. We ended up concluding that Tåstrupgård is developing in a positive manner. The actions who have been taken in the later years through the overall plan for the area, among others, has helped to improve and develop the area from within. More changes are likewise on the way, if they get approved by the residents of Tåstrupgård in the autumn. In the end we have put our project in perspective to the debate in the media and among the politicians, concerning the ghetto notion, since it alone causes many implications for the areas affected.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date25 May 2016
Number of pages58
SupervisorsJesper Visti Hansen