Sygeliggørelsen af personlighed - et samfundsbidrag

Nadine Anna Lisa Coogan

Student thesis: Termpaper


The object of this project report is to question society's growing focus on understanding health, and deals with the present medicalization of normal emotions and feelings. Further, the report will provide insight to the introduction of a municipal test, which, among other things deals with the identification and categorization of personal traits, the consequences of the terms pathologisation and stigmatisation as well as a social-realist picture of the same will be presented. By means of introducing Svend Brinkmann's thesis of pathologisation, the presence of pathologisation in society and the problems in relation hereto are discussed, and a picture of the consequences associated with pathologisation of general living conditions, and the effect this may have on society are suggested. HSP, Highly Sensitive Personality, is introduced by Elaine N. Aron, the pioneer behind the term, of which a clear picture is given, and the expansion of society's understanding of disease is highlighted in the context of pathologization. Based on the personal trait of being highly sensitive, the sensory profile is introduced, which, on a municipal level, is applied as a performance-oriented test implement in connection with the municipal process of clarification and categorization of sensory hypersensitivity. The sensory profile is discussed with a pathological understanding of the highly sensitive personality by means of involvement of a case. Supplemented by interviews, the project will result in an understanding of the sensory profile, the contribution of a municipal clarification and categorization tool, and will result in a discussion of the sensory profile’s overall contribution.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date6 Jun 2014
SupervisorsAnne Brus


  • pathologization
  • sensory profile