Health Promotion at Gladsaxe Community Center

Zabiullah Osmani, Nadiya Munk Gugenir, Ann-Louise Kruse Andersen, Elisabeth Haley Montgomery & Abir Eltorky Hanafy

Student thesis: Basic Project


In recent years there has been increasing focus on promoting equality in the health of the Danish society’s citizens. This increase in focus is due to the knowledge of health risks and illnesses being unequally distributed across society depending on one’s social position. Social inequality entails that the lower the social standing of the citizen is, the higher the morbidity and mortality levels they have. This study aims to examine how it is possible for Gladsaxe Community Center to promote the health of its users, based on Gladsaxe Municipality’s political efforts towards promoting equality in health. The research paper carries out a document analysis of documents by the Health Authority, Gladsaxe Municipality and Gladsaxe Community Center, which involve promotion of equality in health and the implementation it requires. Leavitt's diamond model is used to compare the different documents’ influence on implementation. Additionally, the research paper’s methodology is based on participant observation and a semi-structured interview with the manager of Gladsaxe Community Center to investigate which implementations are carried out and how they are handled in practice with vulnerable citizens who use the community center. Bourdieu’s conceptual apparatus, involving the capital concepts, habitus and doxa, together with the pathology thesis are used in the project to explain the social positioning of the users of Gladsaxe Community Center, focusing on the health promotion of the users. The first-person perspective approach is transferred to the community center’s approach to health promotion of its users. We discovered that the cooperation between the Health Authority, Gladsaxe Municipality and Gladsaxe Community Center was challenged, because Gladsaxe Community Center, which acts as the communication link between the Health Authority and Gladsaxe Community Center, is unable to convey a thorough policy. However, it appears that Gladsaxe Municipality has independently managed to create some methods and approaches to promotion of health equality amongst its users.
Our study suggests that it is possible for Gladsaxe Community Center to promote the health of its users through the first-person perspective approach and the small steps method, despite the municipality's lack of support for Gladsaxe Community Center.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2018
Number of pages62
SupervisorsLise Lotte Hansen