The Success - State Administration: Efficiency improvement through reorganization

Anne Katharina Berthou Lauritsen, Michelle Uth Schlosser & Isabel Brylov

Student thesis: Bachelor project


In relation with the reform “Bedre Balance II” (2018), the Ministry of Finance published the report “Erfaringsopsamling – Bedre Balance” (2018), which summarises the experiences gained after the first moving of government jobs in 2015. It is found that the relocations to Jutland are particularly problematic, in terms of problems regarding employee retention and especially high sickness absence during the relocation. This means that the relocations to Jutland have poorer conditions for a fast and efficient allocation than the relocations that have been to Funen and Zealand. However, there is one move to Jutland that both politicians and the media refers to as being a prime example and a success – the State Administration. The State Administration moved from Copenhagen to Hjørring in the northern part of Jutland. Therefore, this project seeks to illustrate how the State Administration has proven to be a success and it is also discussed what being a ‘success’ means, and to whom. In the study of this, a theoretical approach has been used to explain the process of change that the State Administration has undergone. Fernandez & Rainey (2006) has found eight factors to be met in order for a change process to succeed. In addition to illustrate the change process, an analysis of the managing of change is included. Management of change is included, due to the fact that management has been an unavoidable concept within this field of research. The analyses are made on the foundation of two interviews with two out of the four academic employees who were the first to be employed in Hjørring. The four academics were hired to handle large parts of the move from Copenhagen to Hjørring and have a essential knowledge of the processes that the State Administration has undergone. Therefor their contribution is knowledge of the managing of change and the process of change. This project finds that the eight factors for a successful relocation are met and that the management strategies have ensued a positive attitude from the employees and consequently a successful relocation. Finally it is discussed what can be said to be a ‘success’ and whether there are other factors that have led to an efficient reorganization of the State Administration.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date28 May 2018
Number of pages59
SupervisorsFlemming Juul Christiansen