Subject positionings in Danmark Indsamling 2016

Anne Sofie Amalie Routhe Hasselgaard & Julie Selma Anna Østebø Weng

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This study is an analysis of subject positions in the television program, Danmarks Indsamling 2016, and whether these are related to the postcolonial understanding.
The first part of the project is a explanation of the theories used in the analysis. The theories include the postcolonial theories of Edward Said’s Orientalism and Matthew Hughey’s The white savior trope and Jagten på det eksotiske. The discourse analysis of this project is based on Michel Foucault’s og Ernesto Laclau’s theories on discourses.
The first part of the analysis, is a discourse analysis of five selected sequences of Danmarks Indsamling 2016. It analyses the construction of subject positions and is based on five concepts from the discourse theories of Laclau and Foucault. The second part of the analysis, is a discussion of the subject positions, in regards to themes and concepts of the postcolonial theories.
The study concludes the existence of a clear deffirens between the positioning of the giver as an active and executive subject and the receiver as a passive dependant. We further conclude, that this positioning is an expression of a western dominance of the postcolonial world, and that this dominance is expressed through accepted white paternalism.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date25 May 2016
Number of pages103
SupervisorsKristoffer Kropp