Styr på Stakaterne - en relationsstrategi

Tine Ewé Jensen, Babette Peulicke Borggreen, Christoffer Slott Nielsen, Isabella Apelroth & Camilla S. V. Wagner

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project presents an effective communicative relations strategy, which can be used to brand the board game Styr på Stakaterne?. The strategy is devised based on Lars Sandstrøms theory on relations strategy. By creating a concrete strategy for the marketing of an innovative product, we have chosen to include theories that are related to entrepreneurship and marketing. Through interviews we have got knowledge on what is important for potential buyers and col-laborators. By involving the target group, we can create good relations, which is the foundation of Sandstrøms theory. Susanne Holmström theory on legitimacy has become an important factor, especially for a new business as ours. Appearing as business with a trustworthy identity is the best framework for legitimacy, which is essential in a communicative relation strategy.

EducationsCommunication Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date25 Jun 2015
SupervisorsLars Sandstrøm


  • relationsstrategi
  • legitimitet