Strategic Energy Action Planning in The Municipality of Rudersdal

Pelle Wegeberg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis develops a strategic energy plan for The Municipality of Rudersdal
by answering the cardinal question: How can an energy action plan be developed that incorporate strategic and realisable actions for a renewable energy system in The Municipality of Rudersdal.
This is achieved through the methodology of backcasting. Firstly by setting some concrete goals, which is in line with both the regional and national goals on carbon
dioxide emission reduction. Then by presenting and analysing strategic and realisable carbon reducing solutions and actions. The actions are collected into scenarios matching possible developments in the national and regional energy systems and are
further condensed into a scenario of preference. The scenario of preference is then put in a timeframe that results in a roadmap for the development in The Municipality of Rudersdal. This Roadmap is what the participants behind this study believe to be most ambitious, strategic, but still realisable route for the municipality to achieve significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions.
The roadmap states that in the short term the municipality should focus on energy
savings and production, within public buildings, in the private sector and in private homes. On the medium term they should focus on expanding the district heating
capacity based on biomass, harvesting biomass, investigate geothermal energy, build
solar heating stations and expand the district heating areas. On the long term they
should build large-scale heat pumps and prepare the transition from biomass based
heating to an electrically based system.
The thesis is meant to be an input in the debate about climate change mitigation in
The Municipality of Rudersdal and is available both as a background report and as a summary that is attached as an appendix.

EducationsTekSam - Technological and Socio-Economic Planning, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date22 Jun 2016
Number of pages99
SupervisorsJan Andersen