Limitation in the Social democratic immigration policy

Matilde Nørgaard Larsen, Asger Wegeberg Jeppesen & Paw Gressbakken

Student thesis: Basic Project


The Social democratic party in Denmark has developed an immigration plan by the name of
Retfærdig og Realistisk. This immigration plan has been developed in relation to the current debate
regarding immigrants and restrictions of seeking asylum in Denmark. In the following rapport we’ll
be analysing the new immigration plan to see if we can find tendencies of rightwing-populism and
discuss whether the switch towards rightwing-populisme in the Social democratic parties’ agenda
has following consequences for individuals of other ethnic origin. The analyses of this rapport will
be developed with our choice of theory in regard to populism, neoliberalism and new-racism
(cultural racism) and by the help of document analysis. Our field of study will take offset in Ove Kaj
Pedersens theory and discussion regarding neoliberalism in a danish context and Per Mouritsens
discussion of culturel differences in En plads i verden and examine how the specific actions in the
immigration plan will influence people on an individual basis. The project has an explanatory
dimension which can be seen in our active choice of scientific theory. Furthermore, we will be
discussing some of the issues we locate in Retfærdig og Realistisk that will then later transition into
our conclusion which we will be answering our study field in regard to our results.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2018
SupervisorsChristel Stormhøj