Stofindtagelsesrum - i et rumligt og politisk perspektiv

Alma Wanstrup, Thea Deleuran Müller, Nina Helene Hilbard, Nikoline Hovmøller Dengsø Jensen & Jeppe August Schmidt-Nielsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


In the following project, will we examine drug consumption rooms in Copenhagen, and especially about the policy-process behind the decision about making permanent drug consumption rooms, and the urban space around these two rooms at Vesterbro (april 2014). That is why we are using the theory about empowerment, to analyze the urban space around the two drug consumption rooms, and to analyze the drug users as a socially vulnerable group. We are using theory about policy-process to look at the actors, who have had an influence on the policy-process and on the decision, and how they have had an influence. Further on, we will look into which arguments there is against and for drug consumption rooms, and put these up against each other in a discussion. In our analysis, we came to the point, that the drug users and the sale of drugs were centralized around the two rooms, and therefore Vesterbro’s urban space as a whole was improved. Therefore problems like noise were centralized too, so it is only the nearby neighbours who is affected by it. The amount of drug related waste has also decreased in the urban space, and so has criminality, like fx. break-in at cafés. Regarding the policy-process, it is bottom-up influence that is dominating, because it was the citizens of Vesterbro who wished a permanent drug consumption room. Likewise it was these, that established Fixelancen, which was based on volunteers. In 2011 there was a change in government, and it was a wish of the new government, to establish permanent drug consumption rooms, and therefore there were a change of law, so this was a possibility. The drug users has received a quality lift of their everyday life, because they now, can take their drug, behind closed doors, rather than taking their drug in front of the citizens of Vesterbro. This is a good thing for the drug users and the citizens of Vesterbro, because there is no longer the same amount drug users in the streets taking their drug. Besides, the society has change their view on the the drug users as a social vulnerable group, because they no longer is as big a burden for the urban space. Over all, the drug consumption rooms are a success in many ways, because it is both a quality lift of the drug users life and a relief for the whole area and urban space of Vesterbro. This is not without challenges and sacrifices though, and it is especially the nearby neighbours who is suffering with this centralisation of the issues there is with permanent drug consumptions rooms.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date25 Jun 2014
SupervisorsHanne Themsen


  • mændenes hjem
  • halmtorvet
  • vesterbro
  • fixerum
  • stofindtagelsesrum
  • byrum