Stikprøvevisitation i et diskursteoretisk perspektiv

Nicklas Sørensen & Johan Theil Nielsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


In May 2004, the Danish parliament passed a new law giving the police a regulatory framework - “The Police Law”. Before this law, the regulations of the police work was scattered out between many old laws. However, the new Police Law is not just a collection of old laws. A new clause (§ 6) made it possible for the police to establish stop-and-searchzones, where the police can search any person or vehicle without probable cause. This project aims to analyse the discursive articulations in the time up to the passing of the law. Through this analysis, the aim is to point out the relevant discourses, their interconnectedness and the influence they have exerted on the actions of the parliamentarians. The theoretical and methodological foundation for this social constructivist inquiry into the discursive terrain is anchored in Laclau & Mouffes’ discourse theory.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date17 Jun 2013
SupervisorsMathilde Dissing Christensen


  • Laclau, Mouffe
  • Diskurs
  • Politiloven
  • Visitationszone, diskurs, § 6, Politiloven, Laclau, Mouffe