Stigmatisering af sexarbejdere

Carmen Louise R. Andersson, Dilan Dag, Klaus Borgen K. Arildslund, Natasja Isaballa Hansen & Usna Osmani

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project is based on the assumption, that female sex workers are being stigmatized. The purpose of this project is to investigate how and why they are being stigmatized, and how this affects the sexuality. Focus is pointed at female sex workers. Based on Erving Goffman’s stigma theory and Michel Foucault’s thoughts about the sexuality, we analyse the total empirical data, consisting primarily of interviews with sex workers, supplemented by reports and other sources. First, the stigmatization has been analysed, to study how it is expressed and is being perceived by the female sex workers. Thereafter, the sexuality has been analysed, with focus on the significance it has on stigmatization. It is concluded that sex workers deviation from society’s sexuality norms causes stigmatization, which they contribute to maintaining throughout their attitudes and opinions. One of the consequences of this is that the majority of the interviewed sex workers are more or less cut off from the rest of society. In continuation of this, it is shown that the stigmatization is especially crucial for reification and experience of the individual woman’s sexuality.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date17 Dec 2014
SupervisorsMarie Benkert Holtet


  • Prostitution
  • Seksualitet
  • Goffman
  • Sexarbejde
  • Sex
  • Stigmatisering
  • Luder
  • Foucault