Sorg og Diagnosticering

Anna Sophie Kragh Valentin Sørensen & Sara Møller Flint

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


Abstract This paper investigates how it is possible to comprehend the many different aspects at stake, when talking about a separate diagnosis for pathological grief. It is argued that different theoretical discourses, presented by especially psychological and psychiatric theory is influencing the general debate and understanding of the subject. A discourse analysis of eight personal histories of grief told by Børn, Unge & Sorg, indicates how the theoretical discourses are used by people in grief. A deconstruction of the discourses show how especially two arguments are competing. One argues that a diagnosis would turn a normal reaction into a pathological illness that would stigmatize the mourner. The other argues that a diagnosis is a necessary tool to separate different illnesses and therefore would entail the right treatment for people in a prolonged grief, just as a diagnosis would be an institutional recognition.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2017
Number of pages39
SupervisorsSofie Boldsen