The Sociolance and the Homeless Community: An examnination of the value of the Danish Sociolance within the homeless community in Copenhagen

Vibe Mette Rask Christensen, Amanda Lykke Hansen, Melanie Juul Asmussen, Amalie Madsen, Emil Krogh Madsen & Ophelia Sofie Jelsbak Knudsen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This paper will examine the outreaching work of the Danish Sociolance, and the view of this from the perspective of homeless people. In order to gain knowledge of the view of these people, the project examines the perspective and way of life of homeless people. Furthermore, the project will study the social arenas of homeless people and their view on people, who are not homeless. This study will be performed with theories by Erving Goffman, Knut Mikjel Rio & Olaf H. Smedal, and Hartmut Rosa in order to shed light upon the life of the homeless. The study will examine the statement of three people, who each represent a standpoint of homeless people in Copenhagen. Furthermore, the project will contain field notes, which are based on a field research in Copenhagen of the duration of six days, during which we met and saw homeless people in their respective environments. This project will contain three different analyses. The first analysis will focus on the methodological challenges in conducting research with and about homeless people. The second analysis will frame the informants’ attitude towards the Sociolance, which will be examined by the means of a descriptive approach. Finally, the third analysis will focus on the opinions of the informants on how life as a homeless person can be, how the homeless view other members of society and lastly how the social life among the homeless differs from that among the non-homeless. After the presentation of the analyses, the paper will have a self-criticising element in which the methodology, choice of theories, and the role as researchers will be reflected upon. This self-criticising element aims to tie the three different elements of the project together. Finally, the project will conclude that researching within this field brings some challenges. The position of the researchers, the sensitivity of homelessness as a subject, and the homeless people’s resentment towards the researchers are just three of the challenges one face when working with this topic. The project will also conclude that the attitude towards the Sociolance from the perspective of the informants is mainly positive.

EducationsSocial Interventionsstudies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date17 Dec 2018
Number of pages89
SupervisorsTrine Østergaard Wulf-Andersen