Rebekka Knudsen, Carina Bohn, Valdemar Vincent Illum Nørring Ruben, Stephanie Brondt Masková Pedersen & Mathilde Bøgelund Tams

Student thesis: Basic Project


Currently the immigrant debate takes up a major part of the public debate. The use of social categorising words is a big factor in the debate and for this reason, we find the meaning of these social categorising words essential for being able to understand the subject. This project contains a semantic analysis of the following eleven Danish social categorising words: etniske, romaer, flygtninge, indvandrere, nydanskere, muslimer, tosprogede, andengenerationsindvandrere, udlændinge, danskere og fjerdegenerationsindvandrere. The semantic analysis is based on Cliff Goddard’s explanation of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage and explications. The analysis showed a pattern for (almost) all the words, and we worked this into a semantic template with three components, a) Social categorisation, b) Characteristics, c) Social cognition. While we did the preliminary work for the project, it occurred to us that there may be a problem with dividing people into social categories. Therefore, this project also contains a normative ethical discussion on whether it is ethically correct to divide people into social categories. In the ethical discussion, we will shed light on the issue with the opposing views, particularism presented by David Miller and cosmopolitanism presented by Emmanuel Lévinas.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date2016
Number of pages43
SupervisorsCarsten Levisen