The conditions for social enterprises in municipalities: - a field-analytic case study

Ida Routhe

Student thesis: Master thesis


This Master’s thesis examines the conditions for social enterprises on a municipal level through a Pierre Bourdieu-inspired case study of two Danish municipalities. The re-search question is, how the municipalities differ in their approach to employment policy for marginalized unemployed people, and what that difference can tell about the condi-tions for social enterprises in municipalities. The main method used is sociological field analysis consisting of a document analysis of relevant municipal documents and an in-terview analysis with key persons in the two municipalities.
The analyze shows that the municipality that has the best conditions for social enter-prises differs from the other on three crucial points: it is characterized by bad framework conditions, New Public Governance-traits and a structural approach to unemployment – the last-mentioned meaning that unemployment is viewed as a problem that has a struc-tural dimension and therefore can’t solely be solved by the individual unemployed. The subsequent discussion shows that especially the NPG-traits and a structural approach to unemployment can be considered as factors creating good conditions for social enter-prises.
On the background of those analytical results an ideal typology consisting of two types has been made:
• Municipality with good conditions for social enterprises: bad framework condi-tions, NPG-traits and a structural approach to unemployment.
• Municipality with bad conditions for social enterprises: good framework condi-tions, lack of NPG-traits and an individualized approach to unemployment.
With this ideal typology other researchers can investigate, whether the ideal types are found at the municipal level elsewhere, and municipal employees and politicians can find inspiration to improve the conditions for social enterprises in their municipalities.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication dateJan 2019
Number of pages79
SupervisorsCatharina Juul Kristensen