SMK Fridays

Jannick Bredo Lillelund, Frederik Høegholm Karsum, Emil Kristian Kjølhede Schjelde & Simone Heie West

Student thesis: Termpaper


The museums of today are challenged by the experience economy. On the one hand they are competing with commercial organizations that integrates experiences in their business strategy and on the other hand a desire for more challenging, sensational and unique experiences within the population. Therefore the museums must develop new strategies involving experiences in order to attract and withhold their potential audience. This paper investigates this new development in museum mediation by examining the “new museology” - a different approach to try and involve and create dialogue between the museums and the visitors. This paper seeks to analyze how the danish national gallery, SMK, tries to create a new type of museum experience called SMK Fridays that incorporates performative and user participative elements in order to live up to these challenges. The case is studied through participative observation and with theory about performance analysis, experience design and museum visitor motivation. It is concluded that SMK Fridays is a very social event with an informal and casual atmosphere in otherwise more formal surroundings which can attract a younger audience seeking a different kind of experience but exclude other groups that attends museums searching for solitude and space to reflect upon art. Through this event, SMK is following the trend of engaging visitors in a more dialogic experience while working towards being a museum for everybody, thus leaving behind its former heavier image as a monologic and educative. Still they face a potential risk of lowering their academic standards by focusing more on the target group than on immersive and reflective presentations of art, which has created an ongoing debate between the art museums in Denmark.

EducationsPerformance-design, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date26 May 2015
SupervisorsKarin Elisabeth Gottlieb


  • SMK
  • Oplevelsesmodel
  • SMK Fridays
  • Kunstformidling
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