Writing in the subject of history

Mathias Christian Stougaard

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This internship report examines how the subject of history in the gymnasium is subject to changes after the new reform of 2017. The identification of problem of the project is localized as part of an internship as a student teacher at the gymnasium Roskilde Katedralskole. The subject of history is traditionally an oral subject but since the reform, it has received a significant written dimension enrolled in the Ministry of Education's curriculum. Therefore, this report examines what learning opportunities can be met with an increased focus upon written didactics. Further, it has been investigated whether there are potential issues in the history of transformation from primarily being an oral subject, to now also include writing. The study is primarily based upon research about writing and didactics, where special researcher Ellen Krogh plays a central role.
It can be concluded that writing, as a didactic tool constitutes an important form of work to increase learning among the country's students. Writing can be seen as an approach that enhance reflexivity and provoke innovative thinking.
It can be concluded that the inclusion of the written dimension of the subject history is not unproblematic. Written assignments in daily teaching can be time consuming why it imposes new and high demands upon the teachers' planning of teaching. In general, it can be concluded that writing constitute a significant area of focus in the subject of history in the gymnasium. Although the subject of history is still not assigned time for preparation, and therefore still primarily based on an oral foundation, the Ministry of Education's new emphasis upon writing provides some interesting opportunities for the subject of history that can play a crucial role in spreading the interest for the subject of history.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date27 May 2018
Number of pages36
SupervisorsKarin Cohr L├╝tzen