Skandaler i Dansk Politik

Julie Bak, Caroline Høgh, Sebastian Rogaczewski, Oliver K. Reich, Oliver Munch, Aske Dedenroth Forsberg & Mikkel Cordes

Student thesis: Termpaper


The dissertation problem to be assessed is: what impact do political scandals have on the Danish democracy? We research this question in the perspective of the theoretical traditions: political scandals, mediatization and public sphere, given by respectively John B. Thompson, Stig Hjarvard and Jürgen Habermas. These three will form a whole of the given analysis. We have chosen two examples to scientifically compose this study, which will help us to conclude on our given research question. The two exemplifications are represented by the cases of Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the allegation of tax fraud, and the falsification of documents involving Henriette Kjær. We consider the matter of both cases to revolve around their private economy and there for helps to classify them as political scandals. The two scandals will likewise be classified as norm violations. In continuation of this we find it rather relevant to investigate the democracy, and the challenges it undergoes in the 21st century with the relations it has to the news media. Involving the concepts of hard- and soft news, we make out a critical examination of the relations between these, and how the media coverage is founded. The outcome of this report, highlight three facts, with are essential for the conclusion we draw from our examination. First; we conclude that the media intend to uncover important occurrences, in their role as the watchdog for our democracy, assuring the public are informed of the doings of politicians. Second; the analysis resulted in finding of commercialization and mediation, which is the outcome of the growing personalisation, visualisation that makes the scandals an important asset for the news media. Third; we have discovered a tendency in the media’s ability to exert influence on the public opinion. This last point bases our conclusion on the downgrade of news criteria we find the scandals exercising on the democracy.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date17 Jun 2011
SupervisorsLasse Martin Koefoed


  • Demokrati
  • Skandale
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