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Frederikke Bonde, Ida Ralkov, Ida Amelia Elmenhoff Frem, Maria Brandenborg Andersen, Maria Ninna Lykke Lyng, Mille Vang Hansen & Nikoline Linea Mathilde Berg

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper investigates why there is a rise in the number of volunteer single moms, and how these women portray the background for their decision on starting a family without a partner. Through qualitative interviews with four single mothers the project will take a closer look at how they describe their choice of family constellation. We found that the choice for all of our four interview candidates could be interpreted as a second priority compared to starting a family with a man in the picture and additionally all of the women see the nuclear family as the ideal. We managed to observe strategies with the potential to reduce cognitive dissonance linked to this choice that seems to be in opposition to the women’s perceptions of the ideal. Furthermore the study seeks to link the results of the interviews with theory about family, gender roles and women’s liberation in the modern era. In the period after the 1960’s alternative family constellations have become more common. This development correlates with the development in gender roles with women joining the labor market which has led to a change in family structures and the purpose of the family. Whereas the family served a more practical purpose in the past it is now to a greater extent based on an emotional connection. The paper concludes that the nuclear family still serves as the ideal to be followed, but that alternative family constellations are becoming more recognized by society due to the development.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date26 May 2016


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