Selvet - En undersøgelse af meningsdannelse

Fie Ipsen Frøling, Iman Attazgharti, Lisa Taasti Pedersen, Nadja Adriana Frøstrup Knudsen, Niklas Bjærre Jartved, Peter Emil Lynegaard Norup, Rasmus Ekstrøm Tengvad & Simone Meisner Jensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This study focuses on the self and meaning, as defined by Irwin D. Yalom & Viktor E. Frankl. Through a phenomenological approach, it aims to understand Andrea Hejlskov’s self and meaning from before and after her choice of moving to the wilderness in Sweden. The study’s data draws upon a qualitative interview performed by the study group. The interview has methodically been worked through a meaning condensation process, resulting in a descriptive text, which is the basis of both a theoretical analysis and a philosophic discussion. The analysis will focus on Andreas development seen through existential psychology whereas the discussion will evolve around the psychological theories adaption of Kierkegaard’s angest and Heidegger’s dasein. The study seeks to answer the question “Does the individual achieve a higher degree of meaning, after having carried out an existential choice?” by an analysis of descriptive text, using Yalom & Frankl’s psychotherapeutic theories. Andrea Hejlskov is a woman who lived an ordinary life in Denmark, with children, house and husband, a debt and a job. She felt her life had little meaning, and as her daughter experienced massive stress from her school, her husband had a depression, she decided to move her family to the Swedish wilderness, to live a life among nature. The study can draw the conclusion, that through taking responsibility for her life and that of her family, Andrea has experienced a higher degree of meaning in her life. By realizing the social constraints, she mustered the will to take responsibility for her being, and achieved more meaning through being self-transcendental in her new existence. She describes the transformation as being reborn.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date11 Jun 2013
SupervisorsBjarne Sode Funch


  • psykologi
  • selvet
  • eksistentiel
  • meningsdannelse
  • meningssystemer
  • mening